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1.    Rise Above It





Band for Hire "Alvin and d'Band Jahbutu" - A Caribbean Latino Afro Spectacular. 

Solo, duo, trio, big band, tribute band, childrens show, performance workshops....

..... the choice is yours.

And best of all The Caribbean Arts Company caters to all budgets.

Thats what makes hiring Alvin and /or d'Band Jahbutu  so great to work with - they are versitile. 

You can hire Alvin and Jahbutu as a static band or a roving act.  

You can hire Alvin and Jahbutu as an acoustic band or amplified band.

You can hire Alvin and Jahbutu for a steel drum workshop.

You can hire Alvin to perform as "Banana Joe"- a children's character who takes the audience on a joyful musical whirlwind

journey to the Caribbean with stories of pirates, palm trees, fish eyes, music and dance.

You can hire Alvin and Jahbutu for an "In School" educational "Trinidad Steeldrum Workshop Performances'

which includes geography, history, social science, physics, music and human movement.

Hire Alvin as a Solo act, just Alvin and his trusty steel drum, gorgeous vocals and stage presence.

If you want to hire a band look no further. Alvin backs himself with quality and versitile musicians.

Every performance is customised to suit your needs and wishes.

All you need to decide is how many musicians you want and remember, the the more musicians the more fun!

Enquiries - The Caribbean Arts Company  07 55487843, or complete the enquiry form on this website.



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