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Terms and Conditions /Rider

This is to give customers a feel for whats involved when "Hiring" one of  Brisbane's Hardest Working Bands.......... "Alvin and The Jahbutu Band".

Music is our profession and not a hobby .

This means that the guys don't work by day (as shop assistants or tilers for example) They work at perfecting the music. Gigs are their source of income. Often many people forget what goes on behind the scenes so that when the band pitches up to the gig its a smooth running, well rehearsed entertaining show.  Singers singing in tune, instruments in tune and in good working condition and don't forget the incredible amount of expensive equipment necessary to provide first class sound.

The Jahbutu Band deserves to be paid for their professionalism. Think about the rehearsals which can take hours, even days,  travel to and from gigs, meals and drinks if playing through meal time. Any army marches on its stomach.

Cancellation of gigs proves to be problematic for customers to understand. When you book a gig,  we hold that date especially for you, often turning down other gigs. Your gig is in the monthly budget. Last minute cancellations are hard to fill  for any band and compensation for lost income must be considered.

You wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't already seen the band in action and thought them worth every penny. That's the coal face for us and we are privileged to have you here now.  99% of gigs proceed without a hitch. The terms and conditions are for the 1%ers.

Alvin and The Jahbutu Band- the band fellow musicians hire! Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to helping you with all your entertainment needs.